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Who we are

Founded in 1986 in Rhode Island, SESA is a high quality multi-sign solution manufacturer for the ITS industry focused on providing Dynamic Message Signs and retrofit packages to clients across the United States. Having recently relocated to new, larger facilities, we are proud to say that our signs are manufactured right here in the US and that we are fully equipped to meet our clients’ unique needs, accomplishing our core goal of delivering quality, innovative ITS products and customized solutions. Our experienced, expert technicians and engineers work diligently to fill the requirements of any project, whether it is a single sign, a more complex ITS system, or a situational, custom-tailored product solution.

What we do

SESA is a variable message sign manufacturer that sells competitive DMS and other ITS products that incorporate years of design, engineering, and testing experience. Every product is created with ease-of-use, ease-of-install and longevity in mind and has been proven to survive the harshest conditions, from the frigid winters of Alaska, to the torrential rains of Oregon, to the sweltering heat of Texas. Our project approach is to work alongside our clients rather than for them and to deal with obstacles directly rather than creating “work-around” solutions, ensuring complete client satisfaction. Additionally, our installation history allows us to preemptively identify and correct issues that often plague traditional LED DMS products.

While we are prepared to provide DMS for any project need, our unique technological advantages and modern facilities allow us to specialize in creating cost effective, high quality, small sign solutions. Superior solar-power technology and a new controller that leads the industry in volume capabilities mean that SESA can customize low energy, multi-sign solutions for a wide range of situations, from smaller arterial projects to more extensive tunnel or bridge systems.

How we work with you

SESA is committed to its clients. That commitment permeates everything we do, starting with our guarantee to support every sign we install for as long as it is in service. We support contractors, consultants, and end-users through all phases of each project and work to maintain open, structured communication channels so that no one is left in the dark and the project is completed to the full satisfaction of everyone involved. Our skilled technicians and extensive parts inventory ensure that our clients can use their signs worry-free for years on end and that every situational need is completely met, regardless of its uniqueness or complexity. Choose SESA as your variable message sign manufacturer. We are there for you every step of the way!

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