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4 Simple and Easy Driving Safety Tips

Driving Safety Tips

In total, the average driver spends around 20 hours per week driving, and travels more than 200 miles per week. This means that they spend a lot of time in their car and on the road, surrounded by other drivers. While it is impossible to control the others around you, it is important to follow special safety measures when driving to ensure the safety of anyone in the car. Here are some basic driving safety tips to keep in mind when behind the wheel.

1. Always get enough sleep and eat properly

Driving while sleep deprived is just as dangerous as driving drunk, because your reactions are impaired and you are unable to focus properly. Nothing beats a good night’s sleep, so do not fuel your trip with caffeinated beverages, as their effects will recede over time. If you feel yourself getting sleepy, take a break to eat a snack and stretch your legs.

2. Always pay attention to the signs

This may seem obvious, but with everything a driver notices during their trip, it can be easy to forget a sign or two. There are many different signs on the road to pay attention to. Blank out signs are simple signs with fixed, limited messages for specific functions. This can include a truck with an X over it, meaning no large vehicles allowed, or a simple pedestrian crossing sign. There are also variable message signs, which give travelers on roadways information about traffic congestion, speed limits, missing children, or accidents. These solar powered variable message signs can also double as lane control signs, so it is incredibly important you pay ample attention whenever you see one in your path.

3. Pull your vehicle off the road

If you absolutely have to pull over, remove your vehicle completely from the road. It is unsafe to pull into a construction lane, or onto the shoulder of a highway, as your vehicle can act as an obstacle to other drivers.

4. Give the technology duties to the passengers

Do not risk your life for a simple text or a missed direction on a GPS. Give all the gadgets to your passengers, and let them handle them for the duration of the ride. If you are driving by yourself, keep your cell phone turned off and in your purse or tucked away in the back seat.
Driving a vehicle is a very serious responsibility. Make sure to follow these safety precautions to keep your next road trip accident-free.


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