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BOS Cloud Connect

Blank Out Sign System

Manage your fleet of Blank Out Signs from any computer or mobile device.


BOS Cloud Connect is the first ever dedicated cloud management system for Blank Out Signs (BOS). Designed with DOTs in mind, this system reduces maintenance timeimproves sign performance, and enhances road safety with the following features: 

  • Anywhere Access: Secure, cloud-based access from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device
  • Remote Configuration: Modify settings and push changes for single or multiple blank out signs with a few clicks
  • Real Time Alerts: Receive real time alerts via email notification to ensure 24/7 performance
  • System Mapping: Unlock visibility into your BOS system with an interactive map that displays each sign location

Tech Details

Blank Out Signs (BOS) provide DOTs with a more cost effective and energy efficient solution than traditional Dynamic Message Signs, especially in remote or dangerous installation sites. The only downside to this application-specific sign is the inability to manage messages and monitor performance without traveling to the equipment. That is, until now.

BOS Cloud Connect is the first ever dedicated cloud management system for Blank Out Signs. With real time alerts and remote configuration, you can completely manage each of your Blank Out Signs from the comfort of your own office or mobile devices.

To learn more about SESA BOS Cloud Connect, visit our resource center or contact us


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