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M6000 Dynamic Message Signs: Amber or full color LED signs for all large scale ITS applications.

We draw on decades of industry experience in developing quality assured, customized Dynamic Message Signs in amber and full color LEDs. SESA M6000 displays are comprehensively designed with clear messaging on high-speed roadways in both rural and urban environments and have proven highly capable in the field, where extended visibility and legibility distances are required. SESA's Dynamic Message Signs have successfully operated for years without requiring extensive maintenance or the handling of technical complications. Throughout this process, we help our customers identify gaps and evaluate their needs by using every interaction and engagement to ensure and accelerate the operation of the Messenger signs. We hope to help our customers be assured they have a complete vision of their investment.

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  • Available in 200 configurations and 3 housings: Front AccessRear Access, or Walk-in
  • We have 3 display types available for M6000 Dynamic Message Signs: character matrix, line matrix, full matrix
  • Available in Amber, White, or Full Color and all character sizes
  • M6000 Dynamic Message Signs controlled by our SCU6 Controller.
  • Our product utilizes innovative and has reliable Dynamic Message Sign technology
  • M6000 exceeds NEMA TS4 and NTCIP Dynamic Message Sign standards
  • Our product has advanced electronic Dynamic Message Sign architecture for increased reliability
  • With a unique Dynamic Message Sign housing design solution, M6000 has great display modularity and reduced maintenance costs
  • Superior optical performance when compared to the Dynamic Message Sign industry standard


Tech Details

Mechanical Aspects of SESA’s M6000 Dynamic Message Sign series 
Display capacity of the M6000 Dynamic Message SignFull Matrix Amber or Full Color
Size of the Dynamic Message SignAmber: 8", 12", 18"; White: 18"; Full Color pitch: 20mm or 33mm
AccessThe M6000 Dynamic Message Sign has front, rear, or walk-in access
MountingDepends on access type
The M6000 Dynamic Message Sign NTCIP Controller
Serial Ports2 ports RS322
Ethernet2 ports (10/100 base T) RJ45
Communication with SESA’s M6000 DMS 2 ports RS485, radio link is possible
Capacity of the Dynamic Message SignNTCIP multi-DMS
Power of the Dynamic Message SignDepends on model
Voltage of the M6000 Dynamic Message Sign 110V AC – 60Hz
Cable/ConnectionOnly power and communication between the M6000 dynamic message sign and controller
NTCIP1101, 1102, 1201, 1203, 2001, 2101, 2103, 2104, 2202, 8004
Temperature Range of the Dynamic Message Sign-34F to 185F


Data Sheets

SESA-M6000 Brochure

Model ReferenceColorResolution In PixelsCharacter Height/ Pixel PitchAccessReference
M6000FC-96x288 20mm WIFull Color96x28820mmWalk-InM6000FC-96x288 20mm WI v1.pdf
M6000FC-96x304 20mm WIFull Color96x30420mmWalk-InM6000FC-96x304 20mm WI v1.pdf
M6000FC-96x320 20mm WIFull Color96x32020mmWalk-InM6000FC-96x320 20mm WI v1.pdf
M6000FC-96x336 20mm WIFull Color96x33620mmWalk-InM6000FC-96x336 20mm WI v1.pdf
M6000FC-96x352 20mm WIFull Color96x35220mmWalk-InM6000FC-96x352 20mm WI v1.pdf
M6000FC-96x368 20mm WIFull Color96x36820mmWalk-InM6000FC-96x368 20mm WI v1.pdf
M6000FC-96x384 20mm WIFull Color96x38420mmWalk-InM6000FC-96x384 20mm WI v1.pdf
M6000FC-96x400 20mm WIFull Color96x40020mmWalk-InM6000FC-96x400 20mm WI v1.pdf
M6000FC-96x416 20mm WIFull Color96x41620mmWalk-InM6000FC-96x416 20mm WI v1.pdf
M6000FC-96x432 20mm WIFull Color96x43220mmWalk-InM6000FC-96x432 20mm WI v1.pdf
M6000FC-54x150 33mm WIFull Color54x15033mmWalk-InM6000FC-54x150 33mm WI v1.pdf
M6000FC-54x180 33mm WIFull Color54x18033mmWalk-InM6000FC-54x180 33mm WI v1.pdf
M6000FC-54x210 33mm WIFull Color54x21033mmWalk-InM6000FC-54x210 33mm WI v1.pdf
M6000FC-54x225 33mm WIFull Color54x22533mmWalk-InM6000FC-54x225 33mm WI v1.pdf
M6000FC-54x230 33mm WIFull Color54x23033mmWalk-InM6000FC-54x230 33mm WI v1.pdf
M6000FC-54x240 33mm WIFull Color54x24033mmWalk-InM6000FC-54x240 33mm WI v1.pdf
M6000FC-54x250 33mm WIFull Color54x25033mmWalk-InM6000FC-54x250 33mm WI v1.pdf
M6000FC-54x255 33mm WIFull Color54x25533mmWalk-InM6000FC-54x255 33mm WI v1.pdf
M6000-21x75 12'' Amber FAAmber21x7512"FrontM6000-21x75 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M6000-21x90 12'' Amber FAAmber21x9012"FrontM6000-21x90 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M6000-21x110 12'' Amber FAAmber21x11012"FrontM6000-21x110 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M6000-28x75 12'' Amber FAAmber28x7512"FrontM6000-28x75 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M6000-28x90 12'' Amber FAAmber28x9012"FrontM6000-28x90 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M6000-21x75 18'' Amber FAAmber21x7518"FrontM6000-21x75 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M6000-21x90 18'' Amber FAAmber21x9018"FrontM6000-21x90 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M6000-21x110 18'' Amber FAAmber21x11018"FrontM6000-21x110 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M6000-21x125 18'' Amber FAAmber21x12518"FrontM6000-21x125 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M6000-28x50 18'' Amber FAAmber28x5018"FrontM6000-21x125 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M6000-28x70 18'' Amber FAAmber28x7018"FrontM6000-28x50 18'' Amber FA v1pdf
M6000-28x75 18'' Amber FAAmber28x7518"FrontM6000-28x75 18'' Amber FA v1pdf
M6000-28x90 18'' Amber FAAmber28x9018"FrontM6000-28x90 18'' Amber FA v1pdf
M6000-28x105 18'' Amber FAAmber28x10518"FrontM6000-28x105 18'' Amber FA v1pdf
M6000-28x110 18'' Amber FAAmber28x11018"FrontM6000-28x110 18'' Amber FA v1pdf
M6000-28x125 18'' Amber FAAmber28x12518"FrontM6000-28x125 18">M6000-28x125 18'' Amber FA v1pdf
M6000-28x75 18'' Amber WIAmber28x7518"Walk-InM6000-28x75 18'' Amber FA v1pdf
M6000-28x90 18'' Amber WIAmber28x9018"Walk-InM6000-28x90 18'' Amber FA v1pdf
M6000-28x105 18'' Amber WIAmber28x10518"Walk-InM6000-28x105 18'' Amber FA v1pdf
M6000-28x110 18'' Amber WIAmber28x11018"Walk-InM6000-28x110 18'' Amber FA v1pdf
M6000-28x125 18'' Amber WIAmber28x12518"Walk-InAmber FA v1
M6000FC-96x288 Full Color 20mm FAFull Color96x28820mmFrontM6000FC-96x288 Full Color 20mm FA v1
M6000FC-96x304 Full Color 20mm FAFull Color96x30420mmFrontM6000FC-96x304 Full Color 20mm FA v1
M6000FC-96x320 Full Color 20mm FAFull Color96x32020mmFrontM6000FC-96x320 Full Color 20mm FA v1
M6000FC-96x336 Full Color 20mm FAFull Color96x33620mmFrontM6000FC-96x336 Full Color 20mm FA v1
M6000FC-96x352 Full Color 20mm FAFull Color96x35220mmFrontM6000FC-96x352 Full Color 20mm FA v1
M6000FC-96x368 Full Color 20mm FAFull Color96x36820mmFrontM6000FC-96x368 Full Color 20mm FA v1
M6000FC-96x384 Full Color 20mm FAFull Color96x38420mmFrontM6000FC-96x384 Full Color 20mm FA v1
M6000FC-96x400 Full Color 20mm FAFull Color96x40020mmFrontM6000FC-96x400 Full Color 20mm FA v1
M6000FC-96x416 Full Color 20mm FAFull Color96x41620mmFrontM6000FC-96x416 Full Color 20mm FA v1
M6000FC-96x432 Full Color 20mm FAFull Color96x43220mmFrontM6000FC-96x432 Full Color 20mm FA v1
M6000FC-54x150 Full Color 33mm FAFull Color54x15033mmFrontM6000FC-54x150 Full Color 33mm FA v1
M6000FC-54x180 Full Color 33mm FAFull Color54x18033mmFrontM6000FC-54x180 Full Color 33mm FA v1
M6000FC-54x210 Full Color 33mm FAFull Color54x21033mmFrontM6000FC-54x210 Full Color 33mm FA v1
M6000FC-54x225 Full Color 33mm FAFull Color54x22533mmFrontM6000FC-54x225 Full Color 33mm FA v1
M6000FC-54x230 Full Color 33mm FAFull Color54x23033mmFrontM6000FC-54x230 Full Color 33mm FA v1
M6000FC-54x240 Full Color 33mm FAFull Color54x24033mmFrontM6000FC-54x240 Full Color 33mm FA v1
M6000FC-54x250 Full Color 33mm FAFull Color54x25033mmFrontM6000FC-54x250 Full Color 33mm FA v1
M6000FC-54x255 Full Color 33mm FAFull Color54x25533mmFrontM6000FC-54x255 Full Color 33mm FA v1
M6000FC-48x48 Full Color 20mm FAFull Color48x4820mmFrontM6000FC-48x48 20mm FA v1
M6000FC-36x80 Full Color 20mm FAFull Color36x8033mmFrontM6000FC-36x80 33mm FA v1
M6000FC-54x180 Full Color 20mm FAFull Color54x18033mmFrontM6000FC-54x180 33mm FA v1 (Français)
M6000FC-72x280 Full Color 20mm FAFull Color72x280 33mmFrontM6000FC-72x280 33mm FA v1 (Français)
M6000FC-96x192 Full Color 20mm FAFull Color96x19220mmFrontM6000FC-96x192 20mm FA v1
M6000FC-64x80 Full Color 20mm FAFull Color64x8020mmFrontM6000FC-64x80 20mm FA v1

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