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Dynamic Message Signs Retrofit

Our unique DMS retrofit package allows you to cost-effectively upgrade your sign to the latest LED technology.

“SESA has that "make it work" mentality and actively seeks customer satisfaction. As a matter of fact, I was contacted by another state's DOT and provided a highly positive recommendation based on our experiences with SESA.”

State DOT ITS Field Manager

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Interested in saving money by using a retrofit package on old signs? Check out this article from the VDOT

Full Retrofit Package We sell the full retrofit sign package as a lump sum per DMS upgraded, so there are no surprises with the cost or the services provided.

DMS Technology Our retrofit kit uses the same technology as a new DMS, but it fits within your existing sign housing for cost-efficiency and ease of installation and transition.

Unique Retrofit Method Retrofit includes sign survey(s), aluminum supports for new components, full factory wiring, standard factory acceptance tests, a 48-hour burn-in test, retrofit installation assistance, site testing and commissioning, and the same warranty as a new DMS .

Easy and Fast Retrofit Our methodical retrofit approach means we can retrofit a typical DMS in just 2-3 days, and we’ll keep you updated on retrofit progress the whole time.

Any Type of DMS We can retrofit any DMS technology: from fiberoptic, to hybrid, to flip disk, to LED. We have successfully used a retrofit package on 7 different sign brands and more than 20 DMS types throughout the US. See our References page for a list!

Tech Details

  • Retrofit kit includes display boards, power supplies, light sensors with associated wiring, sheet metal supports, and component mounting brackets.
  • The control cabinet kit for the retrofit includes a new SESA controller, power supply, surge arrestor, and main switches, and is fully wired and ready for installation
  • The entire retrofit kit is NTCIP and NEMA TS4 compliant.
  • Retrofit  life-expectancy  is an additional 10-15 years.
  • With our retrofit, high-intensity LEDs ensure high visibility even behind an older front-face.
  • Retrofit components do not require ventilation and can be installed even if the old DMS’s ventilation does not work.


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