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Lane Control Sign

Lane Control Signs

Lane Control Sign: A smart and cost-effective solution for a wide variety of small systems.

SESA’s energy-efficient, highly visible Lane Control Signs are optimized using high performance LED’s, a high contrast front mask, and a specialized electrical design to effectively reduce energy consumption and minimize long range maintenance costs. A robustly designed, NEMA rated housing and contrast border ensures that each sign meets, and exceeds, industry standards with clear, legible, and reliable messaging. Our versatile Lane Control Signs can be controlled using dry contact or with the use of our NTCIP compliant controller to enable vigilant monitoring and management. In fact, the SESA SCU6 multi-sign controller’s fault detection, communication abilities, one year memory capability, and web-based software makes these the easiest lane control signs in the industry to manage remotely. With just the use of an IP address and a wireless device, field operations personnel can manage and diagnose issues from miles away!


Versatility Lane Control Signs can stand alone or be easily integrated into the most complex ATMS systems.

6 Different Lane Control Sign Models We offer 6 different models of Lane Control Signs with varying symbol size and display configurations.

Easy Installation While our standard Lane Control Sign housing is designed to be mounted on standard Single 1 1/2″ NPS Hub Plate brackets, custom installation configurations for Lane Control Signs are available

Easy Maintenance Lane Control Signs allow easy access to all internal components through the front or rear door panel for simple and fast maintenance.

Multi-DMS Controller With SESA’s Multi DMS SCU6 controller, you can manage up to 10 Lane Control Signs. Each Lane Control Sign has its own unique address, controllable from a single location.

  • Our black housing for Lane Control Signs is robust, light, slim, and scratch resistant.
  • The front face of the Lane Control Signs have high contrast masks behind the polycarbonate layer to improve visibility.
  • Lane Control Signs have high intensity LEDs that ensure clear symbols with a 30 degree cone of vision or less.
  • Lane Control Signs have standard 18″ and 12″ symbols.
  • Serial communication between Lane Control Signs and our controller reduces the number of required cables and installation costs.
  • Lane Control Signs can be digitally controlled through simple dry contacts is possible.
  • Lane Control Signs are available with a NEMA 3R controller cabinet
  • Display configurations for Lane Control Signs:

lane control signs drawing

Tech Details

Dimensions of "Lane Control Sign 21" housing for 12" symbols21" x 21" x 6"
Dimensions of "Lane Control Sign 29" housing for 18" symbols29" x 29" x 6"
AccessFront or rear swing door
Mounting of Lane Control Sign2 single 1 1/2" NPS Hub Plates or specific Lane Control Sign mounting design available upon request
NTCIP Controller
Serial Ports2 ports RS322
Ethernet2 ports (10/100 bast T) RJ45
Communication with Lane Control Sign2 ports RS485, radio link is possible
CapacityNTCIP multi-DMS, up to 10 Lane Control Signs per controller
Power20W for Lane Control Sign 12", 30W for Lane Control Sign 18"
Voltage110V AC - 60Hz
Cable/ConnectionOnly power and communication between Lane Control Sign and controller (daisy chain)
NTCIP1101, 1102, 1201, 1203, 2001, 2101, 2103, 2104, 2202, 8004
Temperature Range-34F to 185F


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