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Blank Out Signs

SES America BOS or Blank Out Sign from the line Mobility

Customizable LED Blank Out Signs with fixed, limited messages for specific and simple functions.


Blank Out Signs display only a limited number of messages, but are much cheaper, consume much less energy and are very easy to operate.

Blank Out Signs can simply be connected to an ON/OFF switch, though SESA also offers an intelligent interface in case a serial communication is needed.

While we offer a range of MUCD compliant symbols, we can also easily produce almost any symbol or text message upon request for our Blank Out Signs. You define the size, dimensions, and colors of the text or symbols on the Blank Out Signs.

Wrong Way Sign

  • The Wrong Way Sign is a type of Blank Out Sign, designed as per MUTCD recommendations.
  • The text on the Blank Out Sign is activated by a simple dry contact connection.
  • The text is white on the Blank Out Signs, with 30 degrees cone of vision double stroke characters (each stroke is separately controlled).
  • There are several available settings on the Blank Out Sign :
    • Double stroke steady
    • Double stroke flashing
    • Single stroke steady
    • Single stroke flashing
    • Blank Out Signs alternate between single and double stroke
  • Blank Out Signs can be powered by solar panels.
  • This Blank Out Sign product is unique to SESA!


  • Any MUTCD symbols can be used on our Blank Out Signs , ex: no left turn, no right turn, no entry, etc.
  • Blank Out Signs can be easily connected to sensors such as flood detectors or wind warning systems, with the message triggering during defined conditions.

Blank Out Sign Production:

  • For standard MUTCD symbols: Blank Out Sign will be manufactured upon receiving purchase order.
  • For non-standard Blank Out Sign messages: SESA will propose a quote based on the message definition and Blank Out Sign dimensions.
  • IMPORTANT: In addition to selling Blank Out Signs to end-users, we also offer them to distributors, weather stations, and other manufacturers. Please contact us for more information on Blank Out Signs.

Tech Details

  • We do not use PCBs in our Blank Out Signs. LEDs are directly inserted in a dedicated and specifically designed guide.
  • There is no front face polycarbonate on our Blank Out Signs that can produce bad glare effect and reduce visibility.
  • Housing on our Blank Out Signs  is light and simple. Access to components can be done through two access doors, one in the front and an optional rear door. No additional cabinet needed.
  • Installing and mounting our Blank Out Sign  is easy with the standard “traffic signal hub” (like our Smart LCS) or with rear mounting devices.
  • Blank Out Signs are equipped with a light sensor (to adjust brightness level to ambient light conditions) and with fault detection (if LED is faulty, an alarm contact is activated).



Data Sheets

Symbol DescriptionSESA Product IDMUTCD ReferenceDimensions in inchesFile
Wrong WayM0017R5-134"x46"M0017 Wrong Way 3446 - R5-1a v1
YIELD TOM0046W11-230"x30"M0046 Yield To 3030 - W11-2 v1
NO RIGHT TURNM0041R3-130"x30"M0041 No right Turn 3030 - R3-1 v1
NO RIGHT TURNM0040R3-142"x42"M0040 No Right Turn 4242 - R3-1 v1
YIELDM0045W11-230"x30"M0045 Yield 3030 - W11-2 v1
NO LEFT TURNM0047R3-230"x30"M0047 No Left Turn 3030 - R3-2 v1
NO LEFT TURNM0048R3-242"x42"M0048 No Left Turn 4242 - R3-2 v1
NO U TURNM0049R3-430"x30"M0049 No U Turn 3030 - R3-4 v1
NO U TURNM0050R3-442"x42"M0050 No U Turn 4242 - R3-4 v1
LEFT TURN ONLYM0051R3-5L36"x30"M0051 Left Turn Only 3630 - R3-5L v1
RIGHT TURN ONLYM0052R3-5R36"x30"M0052 Right Turn Only 3630 - R3-5R v1
TRUCK ENTER / DO NOT ENTERM0054-30"x30"M0054 Truck Enter Do Not Enter - 750x750 W11-10 v1
NO Left Turn (Symbol) / TRAINM0056-30"x24"M0056 No Left Turn Train - 3024 v1
NO Right Turn On Tracks M0057R3-1a36"x36"M0057 No Right Turn On Tracks 3636 - R3- 1a v1
Speed Limit 55M0058R2-148"x36"M0058 Speed 55 4836 - R2-1 v1
Speed Limit 55M0059R2-148"x36"M0059 Speed 65 4836 - R2-1 v1
ONE WAY LeftM0060R6-1L18"x42"M0060 & M0061 One Way 1842 R6-1L & R6-1R v1
ONE WAY RIGHTM0061R6-1R18"x42"M0060 & M0061 One Way 1842 R6-1L & R6-1R v1
Open-Full 12"
M0062-18"x50"M0062 Open - Full 1850 AmberAmber v1
Open-Full 12" red -WhiteM0063-18"x50"M0063 Open - Full 1850 RedWhite v1
Open-Full 18" Amber-AmberM0064-24"x50"M0064 Open - Full 2450 AmberAmber v1
Open-Full 18" red -WhiteM0065-24"x50"M0065 Open - Full 2450 RedWhite v1
Open-Closed 18" Amber-AmberM0068-24"x50"M0068 Open - Closed 2450 AmberAmber v1
Open-Closed 18" Red-WhiteM0069-24"x50"M0069 Open - Closed 2450 RedWhite v1
Open-Closed 12" Amber-AmberM0070-18"x50"M0070 Open - Closed 1850 AmberAmber v1
Open-Closed 12" Red-WhiteM0071-18"x50"M0071 Open - Closed 1850 RedWhite v1
No Right When LitM0072-42"x42"M0072 No right When Lit 4242 v1
No Right Arrow, When LitM0073-42"x42"M0073 No Right Arrow When Lit 4242 v1
No Right Arrow, No RightM0074-42"x42"M0074 No Right Arrow No Right 4242 v1
No Right Turn TrainM0081-30"x24"M0081 No right Turn Train 2024 v1
NO Left Turn On Tracks M0082R3-2a36"x36"M0082 No left Turn On Tracks 3030 R3-2a v1
TRAIN SymbolM0083W10-724"x24"M0083 Train 2424 - W10-7 v1
TRAIN SymbolM0084W10-730"x30"M0084 Train 3030 - W10-7 v1
Do Not EnterM0085R5-136"x36"M0085 Do Not Enter 3636 - R5-1 v1
Do Not EnterM0086R5-142"x42"M0086 Do Not Enter 4242 - R5-1 v1
Do Not Pass M0087R4-130"x24"M0087 Do Not Pass 3024 - R4-1 v1
Do Not Pass M0088R4-148"x36"M0088 Do Not Pass 4836 - R4-1 v1
Keep Left M0089R4-8a30"x24"M0089 Keep Left 3024 - R4-8a v1
Keep Left M0090R4-8b30"x24"M0090 Keep Left 3024 - R4-8b v1
Keep Left M0091R4-8a48"x36"M0091 Keep Left 4836 - R4-8a v1
Keep Left M0092R4-8b48"x36"M0092 Keep Left 4836 - R4-8b v1
Keep Right M0093R4-7a30"x24"M0093 Keep Right 3024 - R4-7a v1
Keep Right M0094R4-7b30"x24"M0094 Keep Right 3024 - R4-7b v1
Keep Right M0095R4-7a48"x36"M0095 Keep Right 4836 - R4-7a v1
Keep Right M0096R4-7b48"x36"M0096 Keep Right 4836 - R4-7b v1
Left or Straight Arrow M0097R3-6L36"x30"M0097 Left or Straight 3630 - R3-6L v1
No Left or U Turn M0098R3-1830"x30"M0098 No Left or U-Turn 3030 - R3-18 v1
No Left or U Turn M0099R3-1836"x36"M0099 No Left or U-Turn 3636 - R3-18 v1
No Left Turn M0100R3-236"x36"M0100 No Left Turn 3636 - R3-2 v1
No Right Turn M0101R3-136"x36"M0101 No right Turn 3636 - R3-1 v1
No Turns M0102R3-324"x24"M0102 No Turns 2424 - R3-3 v1
No Turns M0103R3-336"x36"M0103 No Turns 3636 - R3-3 v1
No U Turns M0104R3-436"x36"M0104 No U Turn 3636 - R3-4 v1
Right or Straight Arrow M0105R3-6R36"x30"M0105 Right or Straight 3630 - R3-6r v1
Straight Only M0106R3-5a36"x30"M0106 Straight Only 3630 R3-5a v1
Deer Crossing M0133W11-330"x30"M0133 Deer Crossing 3030 - W11-3 v1

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