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High quality reflective markers developed exclusively to improve road safety.


  • Available in two models and two versions: Standard (0.78 inches high) and HRS (0.5 inches high), each with a 360 or 180 degree cone of vision.
  • The Roadmarker’s unique tempered glass dome captures, focuses, and reflects light back at drivers, producing a high quality and sustained signal that highlights the driver’s route.
  • Provides 360 degrees of visibility, with more light in every direction than other similar products.
  • Unique tempered glass provides:
    • Optimal product life
    • Unfailing optical efficiency
    • Excellent resistance to shock, compression, scratch, and abrasion
  • Variety of colors offered (red, blue, white, green, etc.)
  • No external power source
  • Quick and easy installation via a hole bored using a special diamond-tip core drill
  • Makes roads visible at night or in rain from either direction

Tech Details

MaterialTempered optical glassTempered optical glass
DimensionsDiameter: 3.92" (100mm) - Height: 1.77" (45mm)Diameter: 3.92" (100mm) - Height: 1.41" (36mm)
Weight1.05 lbs. (480 g)1.04 lbs (475 g)
Ground Level Height0.775" (19.7 mm)0.51" (13mm)
FixationEmbedded in the road with glueEmbedded in the road with glue
Optical PrincipleCatadioptricCatadioptric
Optical Efficiencyat 0,3º -> 390 mcd/lxat 0,3º -> 300 mcd/lx
ColorsWhite, red, green, blue, or amberWhite, red, green, blue, or amber
Compression Resistance> 38.58 Tons> 38.58 Tons
Shock Resistance> 25 Joules> 25 Joules


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