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Signalight: A powerful, obstacle-mounted LED marker built to improve driver safety in low-visibility conditions.


  • Hi-powered LEDs provide a long product life with very low power consumption (e.g. 9 Super LEDs of 1 watt and 100 lumens produce the same light as a 50-watt halogen bulb).
  • LED studs (1-3 watts) operate in either Flash or Continuous mode.
  • Studs installed by embedding after drilling into the road surface.
  • Easy power cable installation due to a quick-connect system that requires no special tooling.
  • The Signalight is easy to install on concrete or steel barriers.
  • Offers a safe solution for urban lighting with 360 degrees of visibility.
  • Available with solar power option even in flash mode.

Tech Details

MaterialMK6 hardened glass shell
DimensionsDiameter: 4.09" (104mm) - Height: 1.96" (50mm)
Weight1.21 lbs (550mm)
Ground Level Height0.787" (20mm)
FixationDrilling (120mm wide and 25mm deep) and glue
Optical PrincipleHigh Power LED
Optical EfficiencyVisible up to 0.5 miles (800m)
LifespanLEDs: >50,000 hours
LED Count1 LED
LED ColorWhite (other colors available upon request)
Power1 and 3 Watts (0,4 W in option)
VoltageFrom 10 to 24 Volts
Cable/ConnectionQuick connect system (vampire-type connection) on flat profiled cable
Load>17.6 Tons
Shock Resistance>20 Joules
Waterproof RatingIP 67
Warranty2 years in normal conditions of use and installation


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