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SES America S6000 or Solar powered DMS / Dynamic Message Sign

Our Solar Powered Sign is the world’s first fully solar powered Highway and Arterial DMS, with guaranteed 24/7 up-time.

SolarSign Brochure with ROI and Investment Comparisons


Available Configurations – Our Solar Powered Signs are offered in a wide range of types and models (8, 12, and 18” characters; front, rear, or walk-in access). See the Solar Sign Tech Details table for more information!


  • The front face of the Solar Sign has three layers: a superior contrast black mask, a polycarbonate layer and an extra aluminum layer.
  • Solar Sign has high intensity, low power consumption LEDs,which provide bright and clear messaging using only solar power.
  • As with other SESA products, the Solar Sign uses our SCU6 smart controller with its unique full color WYSIWYG front touch screen.

The Energy Chain

  • Our product’s energy chain is composed of solar panels, a voltage regulator with associated monitoring devices and batteries.
  • Solar Sign system constantly monitors all parts of the chain including charge and incoming energy, recording the data in the controller.
  • Solar Sign does not require support beyond standard upkeep, as the solar panels and gel batteries require no specific maintenance.

Power Efficiency SESA’s creation of the Solar Powered Sign is the result of years of R&D efforts and can be attributed to two main characteristics:

  • Our redesign optimizes electronic control. The Solar Sign utilizes high efficiency LEDs and uses very low power consumption components for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Our attention to heat dissipation and temperature management mean that the SESA the Solar Sign has not required ventilation or extra heat dissipation devices for years.

Lower Operation Costs Solar Powered Signs uses no connection to the power grid with cheaper and faster installation, easier maintenance, and savings on energy.

Method For each product installation, we will assess the necessary number of panels and batteries to ensure you are only buying what you need and can be sure of full time operation regardless of conditions.

Tech Details

Display Capacity for Solar DMSLine or Full Matrix Amber
Size of the Solar DMSAny size from small arterial signs to large full matrix for highways
AccessWalkIn, Front and Rear Access
MountingDepends on access type
NTCIP Controller
Serial Ports2 ports RS322
Ethernet2 ports (10/100 base T) RJ45
Communication with the Embedded DMS
2 ports RS4BS- radio link or fiber optic are possible
Capacity of the Embedded DMS
NTCIP multi-DMS, up to 10 TSDMS per controller
PowerDepends on the Embedded DMS model; grid or solar
Voltage24V DC for solar
Cable/ConnectionOnly power and communication between Embedded DMS and controller (daisy chain)
NTCIP1101, 1102, 1201, 1203, 2001, 2101, 2103, 2104, 2202, 8004
Temperature Range134F to 174F


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