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Get Travel Time Data Directly to Your DMS!

Cloud-based Software on the DMS Controller

SESA’s first ever cloud-based traffic management solution

  • Allows the display of travel times for custom routes to be constantly updated on any DMS or retrofit sign anywhere without the need for any fixed speed-sensing infrastructure.
  • DMS Connect provides unlimited coverage by accessing data from third-party providers via a cloud-based message system.
  • Using this feature allows DOTs, law enforcement, emergency management, and even event venues to deploy very sophisticated communication tools at a fraction of the cost and complexity of previous alternatives, making it viable for fixed, mobile, or spontaneous use.

A software add-on to any DMS or retrofit controlled by our NTCIP controller SCU6

  • Offers a simple, easy-to-use solution to fit your every need.
  • Our cloud-based message software can be installed or upgraded to its full travel time capability without any sensors or additional central software. With the DMS controller, zero data collection equipment is necessary to be maintained.

Running on the standard NTCIP controller SCU6, which is used to connect to the cloud-based provider.

  • Displayed travel times are reported to the Traffic Management Center via standard and regular NTCIP connections.
  • SESA offers a number of options to display travel time messages including blinking messages or multi-phase sequences.
  • Travel times are available to DMS users 24/7. Travel routes are configured directly by SESA and can be modified at any time by calling our customer support.

Some of DMS Connect Software benefits include:

  • Display “Time to Destination” over interstate, urban, or rural areas
  • Dynamically recommend alternate routes based on travel time thresholds
  • Point and click route configuration eliminates reliance on roadside sensor infrastructure
  • Connected product platform requires no complicated systems integration or IT support

Any customer with previously purchased DMS or Retrofit signs can take advantage of DMS Connect. The DMS configuration is user-friendly, making it practical for organizations of all sizes to deploy while conserving resources for other higher value needs. For more details or to upgrade your DMS equipment, contact us.

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