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SESA Mobility is a collection of customizable, small-sign applications with flexible designs and application-specific ITS features. SESA specializes in presenting an adaptive solution for our customers when information regarding the installation site and message challenges is provided.

Mobility encapsulates direct messaging to specific applications with appropriate technologies, such as Blank Out Signs, Wrong Way Signs, Lane Control Signs, and other traffic control signs displaying regulatory, warning, and guidance information. While maintaining high-level energy efficiency standards, the SESA adaptive approach to all applications, niche or otherwise, sets us apart as a solution provider with industry-unique and multi-phase technology.

Call SESA to upgrade your mobility products with customization options such as integrating with solar power, vehicle activation, and remote sensor technology.

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Introductory Mobility Guide

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Introducing Sunrise SESA Technologies, Inc.

Sunrise Systems Electronics Co., Inc. (Sunrise) and SES America, Inc.
(SESA) have merged to form Sunrise SESA Technologies, Inc.