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SES America’s Solar Signs are one of most successful products that has proven to drive long-term guaranteed results and quality performance. No other solar-powered DMS solution in the country approaches the engineering expertise SESA has developed with robust R&D procedures.

Solar Signs can be installed anywhere, anytime. Solar Signs are rigorously tested for durability on a site survey, ensuring full-time, 24/7 operation, regardless of various harsh conditions. SESA has been successful in combating every reliability problem with solar-powered DMS projects and in offering exceptional value with the most dependable solution.

SolarSign has a cost-saving value especially in rural areas where electricity supply is less than as compared to urban areas, eliminating the need for elaborate wiring and large, system-wide power inverters. Reducing civil works installation expenses and eliminating energy-operation costs and power-draining components, we are committed to bring optimal savings and maximum profit. Experience SolarSign’s benefits with a 100%-plus ROI in four years, guaranteed.

We take energy efficiency seriously. SolarSign’s performance is further strengthened with free, continuous, uninterrupted energy as well as the best profitability to your installation. SolarSign uses state-of-the-art LEDs to reduce maintenance costs up to 50% greater energy efficiency than traditional LEDs. As your partner, SESA provides our customers with the best solar components and batteries that operate at optimal efficiency, offering fair prices for the right products.

Your profitability depends on long-term planning. SESA stands 100% behind the power output SolarSign promises to deliver, so partner with a solution provider who fully understands the complexity of the industry.

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