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Unmatched Long-Term Intelligent Transportation Systems Support

SESA views its Intelligent Transportation Systems projects not as sales, but as promises to clients that they are getting a product they can use with confidence for years to come. That promise starts with our two-year Intelligent Transportation Systems warranty and a guarantee that we will provide technical support for your sign as long as you want to keep the Intelligent Transportation System in service. We support that guarantee with our extensive, ready-to-ship Intelligent Transportation Systems parts inventory, kept on hand to revitalize signs as they age.

When you decide it is time to replace an older sign, we will not default to recommending that you buy an expensive, brand-new sign. We offer multiple Intelligent Transportation Systems products. Contact us today!

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Introducing Sunrise SESA Technologies, Inc.

Sunrise Systems Electronics Co., Inc. (Sunrise) and SES America, Inc.
(SESA) have merged to form Sunrise SESA Technologies, Inc.